We welcome you into our beautiful campus at the University of Bayreuth. Be part of a unique summer experience where you will broaden your horizon, meet interesting people and get to know the German language and culture in the process.

You can choose one of eight different courses at the University of Bayreuth to experience both the interdisciplinary approaches and diverse research fields that the university has to offer. In our Summer School, you have the opportunity to participate in a unique program consisting of theoretical seminars and discussions, as well as practical elements, such as lab courses and workshops.

Scholars and students from around the globe enrich our classrooms and laboratories with their own perspectives and discussions are always remarkably fruitful. An intercultural evening program, as well as an excursion to Berlin, complement your two-weeks-stay in the unique and historic city of Bayreuth. Enjoy Bavarian food, stunning landscapes and all the advantages of being surrounded by culture and history!

This year’s program takes place from 06 to 17 July 2020 and encompasses the following courses:

  • African Studies
  • Economics & Management
  • Public Health
  • Energy & Climate
  • Biofabrication
  • Polymer Science & Engineering
  • Law: Corporate Governance, ESG and Sustainability
  • VW foundation: Social Ecology

More information regarding the courses, fees and application requirements are available on our website. You can also write us an email at summerschool@uni-bayreuth.de. We are looking forward to hosting people from all cultures and countries. We are committed to making our program accessible and inclusive for all individuals encompassing all learning abilities and handicaps.